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String Art


By coincidence I saw a string art project and that looked really nice. After some research I found out that there are several open source scripts to make this kind of artwork.

Project summary

In this project I designed a 3d printed frame to hold the required nails and pulled the string between the nails to create an image.

My responsibilities

  • Design and build the picture frame

  • Test different found scripts

  • Pull the string


Already during the script evaluation I noticed that some worked somehow better than others. Additionally it was very difficult to find an image that could give acceptable results. Eventually I found a Processing script and an image that gave me theoretically good results.

The next challenge was finding the suitable frame. After some searching I noticed that large enough wooden plats are relatively expensive and that gave me an idea to design and build one with a 3d printer. This simplified the process drastically since I was able to insert the nails by just pressing them in with fingers.

The first image creation required more than 3000 steps and it took several evenings till I was ready. Unfortunately the result was not even close to the theoretical one that I was aiming for. Since I did not want to just give up I tried a second time.

After cutting the first string I decided to try freehand. The idea sounded solid and I started, soon I noticed that without any experience it is not as easy as expected. Nevertheless, I continued till I thought the image was somewhat readable. My result is not the best example of this kind of Art, however it was enough for me.

Used tools

SW: Fusion 360, Simplify 3d, Processing

HW: 3d printer


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