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Simple CNC/writer


Already during PhD studies I was fascinated by the CNC machines. Time flies and I have been around 3d printers for some time. Now I am very interested in automated writing machines. Mechanically it is similar to a 3d printer. When I saw a project about 3d printed writer I knew I had to try it. Additionally, I had several simple stepper motors and I wanted to use them in some kind of project.

Project summary

In this project I built a writing machine. The main aim of this machine is to use a pen, however one could replace it with some other tools. I adjusted the design and played around with the software.

My responsibilities

  • Open Source 3d component adjustments.

  • Different new software learning and using

  • Mechanical build up

  • Testing


In this project I used found design to build a writing maschine. The design used the stepper motors I had available, however the design itself was not very suitable for a 3d printer. Thus, I made some adjustments to improve the printability. Moreover, some additional parts were required to keep the setup tidy.

Although the overall result was quite good, the writing results require some improvements. The motors have quite noticeable backslash, additionally comes the imperfections from the 3d printer. In the end all the backslashes added up and, for example, a drawn spiral did not look like it should be.

To sum up, it was a fun project. I could learn to use several new programs and the overall look of the writer is nice. Nevertheless, the writing quality is not really suitable for practical applications.


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