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Reminder device to relax eyes


I saw in Instructables a project where an Arduino was used as a reminder to rest your eyes after defined time intervals. The idea sounded very intriguing and as I am working daily behind screens I decided that I should build myself something similar.

Project summary

In this project, I designed a 3d-printed housing for a bought microcontroller board. Additionally I programmed it to blink the onboard RGB LED after a defined time interval.

My responsibilities

  • Mechanical design, including CAD modelling.

  • 3d-printing the components.

  • Programming and testing.


For this project I used an already available microcontroller board. The board is much stronger and faster than required for this project, however the onboard RGB LED makes it very convenient. Additionally the possibility to use Micropython to program made the usage very simple.

Despite the fact that the board is easy to use it took some time to figure out how to update the board and use the on board LEDs.

The small housing makes it very compact and it looks nice next to the PC. The only issue with the whole project is the USB power supply cable. It’s not straight and it is difficult to fix the light board in a random place.

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