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Arduino Temperature logger


By working with a high pressure pump I noticed that it was getting hot. Few tests with and without housing indicated that the temperature was increasing more than expected. Therefore I decided that a temperature logger is required.

Project summary

In this small project I added different temperature sensors together to measure the temperature of a high pressure pump, ambient and the water that was passing the pump. I decided to use standard off the shelf boards for fast implementation.

My responsibilities

  • Obtain necessary temperature sensors

  • Hardware build up

  • Logger software writing

  • Python data analytics software writing


This project had three parts. First, was the hardware build up. I had to measure lab ambient, pump housing internal, water and pump temperature. Additionally I was tracking when the pump was ON or OFF. All the data was logged with an Arduino on a SD-card. In order to be able to know if the logger is working I added a simple screen.

The second part was the logger software. I programmed the logger to log all the measured values after every second. The third part was having a script that could use the logged data. I chose Python for that and it prints out a nice html graph for a good visual overview.

The logger and its complementing software worked as intended. At the beginning I didn't have the screen and then it was difficult to say how high the temperatures were. Thus, the screen was added.


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