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Simple Tetris Game


I had laying around a few LED panels and I was looking to find some projects with them. When I saw a simple Arduino based Tetris Game I knew what to do. Additionally I learned that Chinese have made their own Arduino Nano and this simple project was an ideal learning platform.

Project summary

In this project I built an Arduino based Tetris Game. I designed the 3d printed housing and learned to use the new Chinese microcontroller that looks very similar to a well established Arduino chip.

My responsibilities

  • Design and printing of the housing

  • Wiring

  • Software adjustments


As I had the working Tetris Game software the effort to build the game was not very huge. I already had experience with the RGB LEDs and the housing design itself was simple. The main challenge was the usage of the new Chinese microcontroller. It had a different frequency and few other modifications compared to the standard Arduino. That meant some software modifications, although afterwards I have to admit these were very simple ones, it took me a while to realize what needs to be adjusted.

The game works well, although there are no scores and no possibility to save the current state. Integration of the new controller went well and the game is a fun way to spend some time.

Since the new chip boards are cheaper than the arduinos I will start using them more if I run out of the Arduino boards.


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