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Art with Sticks


02.2022 – 04.2022 (2 months)


While on a holiday I saw in an art gallery different artworks made purely with colourful sticks. These pieces looked very nice and inspiring. Thus, I decided to make one of my own.

Project summary

In this project I made a piece of art using colourful matchsticks and.

My responsibilities

  • Find suitable sticks and order them

  • Find a way to fix the sticks in an organised way

  • Design the 3d printed frame

  • Make the picture


It took a while to find suitable sticks. I did not want to use something very large and I did not want to explode the budget. After some search I found colourful matchsticks and the decision was made. After receiving the sticks I started to look for different ways to fix them. First I thought about styopol plates, however it was not possible to fix the sticks consistently and the stability was questionable. I didn not want to drill thousands of holes into a wooden plate and so I turned to my 3d printer.

Designing the stick frame was not complicated, however what I did not consider was the computing time it took to process the parameterised object. First the CAD program took a long time to build my object. Nevertheless, the slicing program for the 3d printer took more than 30 minutes to process the frame. So was every interaction relatively painful and I decided to print 30 times 50x50mm blocks instead of printing just a few large ones.

After having all the needed panels I could start “painting”. It took a few weeks to finish the work and in the end I am happy with the result. Sticking the matchsticks into the panels required more effort than anticipated and so It is inspired from Banksy's “Umbrella Girl” work and with some imagination one could recognize the girl with the umbrella in the picture. The work is not perfect, however I am happy with the result.

Used tools

SW: Fusion 360

HW: 3d printer


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