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Word clock


Few years ago I already built a world clock, however after a while it did not work properly anymore. The design was not well optimised, thus there was low motivation to just repair the clock. Nevertheless, I decided to redesign the clock and so this project started.

Project summary

In this project I designed a word clock that shows time by highlighting defined words. The time controller is connected to the internet to always obtain the correct time - no need to adjust time every half a year after the time change.

My responsibilities

  • Design and build the clock housing

  • Choose the suitable controller and LED solution

  • Programming


As I already designed such a clock the word panel was easy to make. This time I decided to use simple printer paper for easier corrections. The 16x16 RGB LED panel I have used in different projects was very handy this time too and in the end it was mainly the CAD design that took some time.

As a controller I used a ESP8266 board, it is easily available and costs very little. The controller could be easily programmed and so was the whole project this time not so complicated. The most time consuming thing was waiting for the 3d printer to finish.

In the end I am very satisfied with the end result and now I have a better word clock than before.


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