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ESP32 Camera

Updated: Jun 10, 2021


I have been familiar with the ESP32 Camera module for some time. Till now I have only used the module as stand alone and there has not been any practical use of them. After I saw a project where the module was controlling two servos to adjust the view direction I thought I should try something more advanced with the module.

Project summary

In this project I designed a 3d printed housing for the camera and adjusted the found code so that it fits with my preferences.

My responsibilities

  • Design and print the camera housing

  • Program the camera module

  • Test and adjust the parameters and code to fit with the practical limitations


The Camera module itself does not have very high quality. Nevertheless, it is cheap and allows easy usage for different projects. The camera can be turned left and right, additionally tilting up and down is possible. The upwards movement is limited due to the narrow distance between the housing and the next servo. That could be improved by using larger gears.

I used an USB cable to power everything and the used cable is slightly too thick. It is sticking out way more than I expected. Still, it is a minor issue.

Programming the module is not very convenient, however it is doable with a separate module. I had to modify the found code to adjust the possible turning angles. It took some time before I figured out where in the code the limits were set. Additionally the original code used only one servo.

In the end the camera works and one can adjust the viewing direction directly from the browser. If the set WiFi net is not available the module generates its own and one can connect to it. The HTTP user interface is simple and easy to use.

In the end again a successful project.

The camera in action: YouTube1, YouTube2

The Original idea and code can be found here: Link


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