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10 digit 7-segment Screen

My Thermochromic Clock did not satisfy my quality standards, thus I had the PCBs without any use. After some thoughts I decided to build a 10 digit 7-segment screen.

Project summary

In this project I designed a PCB to fit with the Thermochromic clock control panel. The result is a large 7-segment screen.

My responsibilities

  • PCB design

  • Design the 3d printed frame

  • Software modifications

  • Assembly


Since I already had the control panel I had to design the 7-segment digits. I decided to make it simple and use the available PCB assembly service. Due to cost optimizations I had to make 2 digits on one PCB.

After receiving the assembled PCBs I modified the software and the screen was working. Thanks to the Thermochromic project there was not too much to discover and I could reuse most of the code. Just some modifications were required.

I find the end result looks pleasing and I am satisfied. A 7-segment digit has its limitations and having only 10 digits reduces the possible messages that could be displayed. Nevertheless, it is a nice clock and could be used for some other simple messages.


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